Sports industry of Profilite brand. Large selection of headlamps, hiking and work lamps.

Sports division with a large number of accessories for amateur and professional sportsmen.

A division specializing in darts players. Large selection of dart sets, dartboards, spare tips and flights.

Sunglasses division. Large selection of sports, fashion and ski goggles

Inflatable paddleboards and their accessories.

Large selection of winter hats, headbands and bandanas.

We are a Czech company that has been on the market since 1997.
We have been supplying quality and popular PROFILITE flashlights for a long time.
In recent years, we have expanded our product range to include RUNTO sports and outdoor equipment, LACETO sunglasses and ski goggles, and with the WINDSON brand we specialize in dart players.
We also offer the popular inflatable paddleboards under the ALAPAI brand and winter hats and accessories FLLÖS.

O firmě

The beginnings of the business activities of Kolimpex s.r.o. started in 1997. Within a few years the company became one of the main business partners of General Electric and their GE lighting division.

In 2002 Kolimpex began to expand its product portfolio to include LED flashlights, sunglasses and equipment for sports and outdoor.

Today, Kolimpex is already fully dedicated to the sports and fashion industry and offers hundreds of quality and popular products in a wide portfolio of focuses.
Whether it's outdoor equipment, sunglasses, paddleboards, targets and darts or flashlights, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

  • Over 25 years on the market
  • Wide field of focus
  • Thousands of satisfied customers